How To Customize Your Resume To Get Past The Application Tracking System

Jul 06, 2017


In this video you will learn what you must do to get your resume through the Application Tracking System.

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The Answer To Why You Need To Customize Your Resume

Jun 29, 2017


In This Video I Will Answer The Question To Why You Must Customize Your Resume For Every Job That You Apply To.

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5 Tips For Having An Amazing Interview

Jun 23, 2017


In this video I will teach you what hiring managers are truly looking for in the interview. There are only 5 questions employers are really concerned about. Once you know these questions, you’ll be able to rock any interview and will never be afraid that you don’t know what questions your interviewer will ask.

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How To Ask For The Job

Jun 15, 2017


In this video I will teach you “How To Ask For The Job!” If by the end of your interview you are interested in the position, ask for the job! That’s right, you must ask for what you want. This shows that you have the fortitude, boldness and confidence that most hiring managers are looking for. This is your differentiator, which will set you apart from anyone else.

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Why Your Job Hunt Has Failed

Jun 08, 2017


In this video I give you 3 action steps you must take to play in this new career game.

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How To Have An Amazing Intentional Career

Jun 01, 2017


In this video I will show you how to have an amazing intentional career possible. I define for each generation (Millennials, Gen Xer’s and Baby Boomers) what you really need to be doing right now at your age to create an outstanding career.

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