Here is a Method That is Helping Career Professional Get Promoted Faster...

May 07, 2018


Many people say reading is in decline. As an author and former Senior Manager, the statistics make me wince. But I’m optimistic for another reason.

Why? A readership crisis is really a leadership crisis. And for people who know how to respond, crisis is just another way of saying opportunity.

In this blog, I will show you that you must become a reader. Because "Leaders Are Readers". I will show you that reading one non-fiction book every month will set you above all others in your career and life.

I’ve been a serious reader for decades: business and personal development, history, the Bible, current events, and even some fiction. I’m a content glutton. It’s part of who I am. And it’s also enabled me to become the leader I am.

I’m not alone. I know very few leaders who are uninterested in reading. And some CEOs are famous for their libraries and wide-ranging interests. Steve Jobs was, for one example.

Remember this: "A Person Who Does Not Read, Is Not Better Than A Person Who CANNOT READ"!

Begin read 1 non-fiction book every month... and if you do, you will be on mountaintop knowing more than all others.