Feb 03, 2018


I believe that we all have been created by God for one “Purpose”. The purpose is called many names: your mission in life, your chief aim in life, your calling, your life’s task and your personal legend. And if we don’t discover our purpose, we won’t, we can never be happy… No matter what!

My story began when I blew my knee out playing major league baseball. I was gifted with a second chance to start over… to discover my purpose, chief aim in life, my life’s task, my personal legend.

I believe we are all going to ask the question, what I’m I here for? Did I make a difference, did I do what I was created to do during this short time here I call, this holiday on earth.

I was inspired by this question, it changed my life, but I didn’t do anything about it. I went back to my old life and I was miserable… something was missing.

I began using that question to reshape my destiny. I became more alive than ever. I started telling everyone; hey this is the way… You must discover your purpose before you can choose a career. That’s when I left Corporate America and became a Career Coach.

I began the journey of stepping into my Purpose/Personal Legend of helping people discover their true calling for their career. Based on what I have learned in my career.

The challenge was no one knew that what’s what you are supposed to do. Everyone was doing what I was doing, just going from job to job never asking the questions, is this for me!

My Mom never told me what I couldn’t do, whatever I wanted to do, she said go for it. I am a big dreamer.

I believe we all should be dreaming the big dreams

I believe you have been created for greatness

My job is to help you find that greatness, my job is to help you pursue greatness