5 Employment Trends You Need To Watch In 2018 And Beyond...

May 21, 2018


Just like the President gives us the “State Of The Union”, which describes our current situation here in the US. I’m doing the same thing, but I’m doing it for “The State Of Employment” for here in America.

We are currently in the midst of one of the longest economic expansions in history. The number of job seekers are down while companies are growing rapidly and eager to fill key roles.

From the Bureau Of Labor Statistics, our unemployment rate is at a rock-bottom low of 3.9%. The lowest in decades. We haven’t seen unemployment this low since the early 1990’s, with the dot-com boom.

Companies are in a crunch for talent. New hires are being paid on average 5% more than last year and salaries are at an all-time high, while also receiving aggressive bonuses and perks.

With the job market hotter than ever and those in search of a new adventure, now is the time to take the leap. Have you been paying attention?

Since our unemployment rate is lower than 4.6%, our government recognize that our nation is at a 100% employment. And when someone is in the job market, it’s not because they are unemployed, it’s because they are looking for another job, while they have a job.

 What does this all mean for you?

 In this blog, I will tell you the 5 Macroeconomic Employment Trends you need to pay close attention to: 

  1. There is a Decrease in the number of people apply for jobs.
  2. There is a Decrease in the amount of time looking for employment.
  3. There is a Decrease in the amount of time going thru the interview process
  4. There is an Increase in the number of interviews that results in an offer
  5. There is an Increase of people who get an interview, receives the offer


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