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GAMEPLAN: The Five Rules Of The Corporate America Game For Women & People of Color

Mar 06, 2019


5 Rules To The Corporate America Game For Women & People Of Color


If You’re Going To Play The Game, You’d Best Know The Rules!!!!

Want to win in the corporate america game for women & people of color? This video will show you the 5 unwritten, and unspoken rules of the corporate america game, so you can advance your career. You will know what the corporate game really is, why the glass ceiling exists and how you can not only survive, but thrive.

Next time you find yourself not getting promoted, you’ll know and understand it has nothing to do with racism or sexism at work. It has everything to do with the unspoken rules of the game that you will know how to play and win that game.

Here are the 5 rules to the corporate america game:

Rule 1: Understanding The Corporate Culture Game Is Critical - If You’re Going To Play The Game, You’d Best Know The Rules!!!!

Rule 2: Results Crushes Effort… every single time! - The Difference Between Trying and Getting It Done.

Rule 3: You Own Your Career… not the company - Know How Others See You—Your Brand Means Everything.

Rule 4: You Must Have An Intentional Plan For Promotion - You Can’t Get Ahead If No One Knows Who You Are.

Rule 5: Must Have Skill(s) You Need to Win In The Corporate Game - The Three Skills You Need To Master.

Bonus Rule: Change The Game!!! - The Game Wasn’t Created For You And It’s Not Fair… So, Change It… 

There is one thing I know for sure, and that is, whatever you want in life, you have to go get it… There is no other way.

I’ve given you the 5 Rules to the Corporate Game so you can get to the mountaintop.

Now, it’s up to you… GO GET IT!



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