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Apr 30, 2018



How To Get Employed Faster BLUEPRINT


Companies are fighting for talent.

The Buyer's market is coming to a close. In a buyers' market, employers have the pick of the liter. There is more talent in the marketplace than jobs.

Employers would bring candidates back in for multiple interviews before making a decision.

Not Now! Employers don't have the time anymore.

We have switched to a "Sellers" driven marketplace. That's where there are more open positions than people looking for work.

How did this shift happen? It started with a low unemployment rate of somewhere around 3.9%. That's the lowest rate since the late 1990's. Because fewer people are looking for work, that's an opportunity for you.

Our federal government considers an unemployment rate of 4.6% to represent "full employment" for our nation.

When it's lower, anyone seeking work is assumed to be simply transitioning to a new job.

And that's exactly what is happening. Every month, more than 2M people are looking for work and 70% of them are already employed.

From the department of labor bureau of labor statistics indicated that for the first time in our nation's history, more people quit their jobs than go fired or layed-off.

We have become a nation of job hoppers (free agent). We have become a Free Agent Nation.

This is the time to get and find the job of your dreams. Right now, there were about 6M job openings near an all-time high. And only 5.6M jobs were filled. That's over 400K job unfilled.

So, what does this mean to you? So, you can get hired?

I give you 4 steps to tapping in on this new seller driven employment trend.

Step 1: Dumping the resume as it's currently conceived

Step 2: Education Is Still Everything

Step 3: Soft skills have become more important than hard skills

Step 4: Create an overall wise job interview plan

One more suggestion: Do it right now. You never know how long this white-hot candidate driven marketplace will last.