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I believe that we all have been created by God for one “Purpose”. The purpose is called many names: your mission in life, your chief aim in life, your calling, your life’s task and your personal legend. And if we don’t discover our purpose, we won’t, we can never be happy… No matter what!

My story began when I blew my knee out playing major league baseball. I was gifted with a second chance to start over… to discover my purpose, chief aim in life, my life’s task, my personal legend.

I believe we are all going to ask the question, what I’m I here for? Did I make a difference, did I do what I was created to do during this short time here I call, this holiday on earth.

I was inspired by this question, it changed my life, but I didn’t do anything about it. I went back to my old life and I was miserable… something was missing.

I began using that question to...

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How To Change Career’s When You Have NO Clue What To Do (2018)




Stuck in a job that isn't you? Ready for a career change, but have no clue what else you could do – or where to start?

This video shows you how to ditch the conventional career rules, you'll radically increase your chances of finding something you love.

Five years ago, I made a career change from as a corporate IT director / management consultant to a career coach, advisor, consultant. I took the risk and managed just about every aspect of the transition, because I just couldn’t take it anymore. I hated what I was doing for a living and boredom and drudgery took over. I HAD to go, so I quit…  It all worked out, because it had to!

If you’re considering a career change, I’m going to appeal to you to do what I did.

 Here’s three uncommon strategies for developing a successful career change:

Step #1. Find Out Your Interest(s). Interests are things you enjoy and have an interest in. Your interests can help you choose a...

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Join Me On My Hawaii Journey...

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I'm LIVE!!!!


I'm LIVE!!!!

Hey, my friend:

I’m LIVE and I want to officially welcome you to my new platform: www.darnellc.com.

I’ve been working hard over 18 months to create something special for all career professionals.

I've created the following:

  •  I have a Brand-New Website ===> (www.darnellc.com)
  • I wrote a NEW Book called Employmentology
  • I created a monster 6-week online program/workshop called Employmentology
  • I created a monthly coaching program called “The State Of Employment”
  • I created a webinar called “How To Create A “GREAT CAREER” WithOUT Being Scared Or Hating To Always Be Looking For EMPLOYMENT

And much, much more...

So, thank you for your support and I'll be engaging and be sharing more of my content in days to come.

Later my friend

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4 Steps To Setting And Obtaining Your Goals



In this blog, I will show you how to use these 4-little action steps to set and obtain your goals.

Until I began using these steps, I was struggling with my goals. No matter how hard I tried, I wasn't making significant progress. Hopefully, you will find some of these action steps valuable and get some hints on how to achieve your goals.

Everyone wants to fulfill their dreams and goal setting looks like a pretty intuitive thing.

But the thing is most people abandon their goals because they believe achieving a goal is hard work.

And what do we do when stuff is hard? We abandon it…

Actually, I like to say that:

Achieving a goal is simple, but it's not easy.

But you can make it easy if you have the right mindset and a good set of effective techniques.

Here are my 4 steps to obtaining your goals:

Step 1: Create Your Yearly Goals

Decide. Think of something you want to do or work towards… Make sure your yearly goals are in your control. For example, if you want to...

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How To Use SPORTS To Build Your Leadership Style



How To Get Employed Faster BLUEPRINT


Sports and business go hand in hand. The way you are successful in sports is the same way you are successful in your career. 

In this video, I will show you how to use the three styles of sports leadership to become expert at leading and managing people.
1. Baseball Manager
2. Basketball Coach
3. Football Coach

By using these 3 styles of leadership you will have the peace of mind, which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best leader you can be.

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Do You Even Know The Career Game You Are Playing


How To Get Employed Faster BLUEPRINT


In this blog, I will show you the difference between the old career game and the new one. I will show you that the loyalty contract between employer and employee is over and what you need to do to have a great career.

The old game is life-long employment, the new game is free agency. We have become a Free Agent Nation, where the independent worker will operate on his/her own terms, untethered to one organization and serving the marketplace instead of a single boss.

The social contract between employer and employee is over, loyalty is dead. Theos who understand the new game will be the winners in this new world of work.

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