** Darnell passed away in July. His videos on YouTube and LinkedIn will remain available for viewing. However, this site will no longer be available after November 1, 2019. Hopefully, his videos will assist you in finding your dream position! **

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How to have an “Extraordinary, Remarkable, Amazing” career and learn to work in your labor of love so you can be employable FOREVER!

The Career Game Has Changed... Did You Know?

The career game has changed and if you are playing it the old fashion way, you will lose my friend. In this video training series, I’m going to share what it is, and how you can take advantage of it NOW.


Introduction To Employmentology

So much of your career success can come down to knowing “how to have one”, find out what you need to do to have an “Extraordinary, Remarkable, Amazing” career.

Becoming An Free Agent

With 157 Million people in the workforce, becoming a free agent is mandatory, where we become free from the bonds of a large institution and become an agent of our own future.

FQA's & Winning The Game

Every day, people in their career are searching for knowledge, information, and know-how. Get the top FAQ’s so you know how to win in this career game!


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